Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kind of a weird day today. We didn't see any seizures from Charlie until about 7:45pm when he had a cluster of about 12. We haven't had a day so close to seizure free in a long time. He was still pretty cranky (which is normal) and cried pretty much the entire two hours of nursery at church...except when I took him on walks around the building to give us all a break from the tears. I even took him out and we sat in the van for about 10 minutes to help him calm down. He loves to sit in the van and tells us about 10 times a day "I want to go ban." It was a good day seizure wise and a bad/normal day for the crankiness and crying. We introduced a new supplement on Friday that may or may not have anything to do with the seizure change/crying. He cries quite a bit so it is hard to know if a new med is making him feel worse. Who knew parenting was going to be such a guessing game.

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