Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day in the life with Charlie...

Charlie is a wonderful little boy whom we love much, but sometimes life it tricky with him in the mix. With Charlie, we're always at DefCon 5. For some time now, we've been gradually putting our house into lock-down. For example:

This is the gate we use to pinch the stove and the dishwasher doors so Charlie can't open them and use them as a step to get on the counters.

This is the backup stove lock.

Fridge lock so he doesn't push the lever to dump ice/water all over the floor.

This is the gate that protects the pantry from Charlie... for obvious reason.

The chairs are all tied to the table legs so he can't slide them across the floor to get on the counters

Fridge lock (he's broken all the standard store-bought varieties)

Drawer locks - these are on all the drawers in our home.

Now, by now my guess is you're probably asking yourselves, "Why are they so paranoid about keeping him off the counter?"

Here's the answer:

Yes. That's the microwave door, hanging by a thread. Our dear sweet son loves to swing from the microwave door, out over the floor. You only need to turn your head for 1/2 second and bam!

Oh, he also loves to strip, loves to climb, loves to swing/jump/rock...

Bless your heart Charlie. You may send your parents to the loony bin, but we sure do love ya.

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