Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Charlie's First Black Eye

Please let me start by saying I'm going to set the stage for what I'm about to share with you in hopes that you'll all show me a little compassion and understand where I'm coming from while I explain Charlie's first black eye.

First, it's no secret that Charlie is an active little bugger. Anyone who's spent more than ten seconds with him can vouch for that. While his activity levels are on par or exceed those of typical children at his age, his coordination does not. The combination of the two of these elements basically means Charlie is in the injury business.

Second, Charlie is a brute. He eats triple what Winston eats in any given day. He's officially heavier and wears bigger clothes than Winston and they are 22 months apart. I don't get why he's so beefy.


Third, Charlie loves to play physical. He terrorizes Winston with his thug-ish behavior because he's smart enough to understand he can take him. Winston is scrawny. For example, the other day, Charlie gave Winston a little 'prodding' to tease him. This begun the fight. Winston grabbed Charlie's arm and yanked it, Charlie smacked him upside the head and started to run, and then (this is the good part) Winston pounced on Charlie's back and basically rode him piggy back beating on him, while Charlie ran away, carrying Winston on his back, laughing. Hard not to laugh while you're trying to discipline. Alas, I digress.

So, this being said, yesterday Charlie was in a physical mood so that's when good old Dad is supposed to step in and rough house for a little while to help settle him down. And step in I did. We rolled around doing 'steamroller,' did flipsie-daisies, practiced some linebacker tackles, worked on our wrestling starts, etc. Well, after playing around for a while, I decided it was time to wind down, but thought one more good physical maneuver would round us out... and that's when it happened. Heads collided and one was softer than the other one. The result -- a black eye.

Picture below...

Almost there...

Wait for it...

Ta Da!

Yes, Charlie doled out his first black eye... to his Dad. And yeah, I know, it's not all that bad, but c'mon, all Dad is asking for is a little sympathy. Although, I imagine it was pretty amusing for Steff to come downstairs and see Dad rolling around on the ground, clutching his face, and Charlie standing by trying to console him. Maybe that explains why she was laughing...

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