Friday, January 16, 2009

Seizures... and hospital pictures.

After thinking the seizures were getting a bit better, Charlie has had some gnarly seizures over the last couple of days so we're back to not knowing what's going on. He had a big one yesterday and another couple today. He's OK but it sucks that the big ones have started again.

Here are the promised pictures from Primary Children's Hospital --

The folks hooking Charlie up to the sensors for the EEG. He didn't like it so much, but he did a pretty decent job considering...

The headdress... He was not happy.

In between the EEG and the MRI we had about 2 hours to blow at Primary Children's. Let's just say it was not easy with a 3 year old who was sleep deprived and fasting... so, this is how we wasted time. Up and down the elevator.

And the result, every time he hit the 'Alarm' button:

Next he went under for the MRI. McGhie's are notoriously sensitive to anesthesia, and our dear Charlie was not any different.

Poor Charlie. Mom waiting for him to wake up.

Trying to get him to wake up by sticking a Popsicle in his mouth... didn't work.

A bit woozy and unsure of what just happened to him once he woke up, but glad no one was going to keep poking him with needles.

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